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Pool Cleaning Systems

It’s always more fun to swim in a pool than to clean it. With automatic pool cleaners you can spend less time doing the dirty work and more time enjoying your clean pool. In addition to saving time, pool cleaners can also help circulate the water in your pool and some can even be set on an automatic timer.

  • Robotic Cleaners provide superior and faster cleaning, and are independent of your pool’s pump, filtration and plumbing system, at low operating cost. They are powered by low voltage electricity, filter the water and collect dirt and debris internally. Many will brush and scrub your pool as well.
  • Pressure-Side Cleaners can work in conjunction with the pool’s pump or use a dedicated booster pump that provides more power. They are helpful in distributing clean, filtered water around the pool and having their own debris bag so they don’t compromise the filter system. All Pressure-side cleaners have hoses and fittings that connect to a dedicated return line which allows fresh water to be brought into the pool.
  • Suction-Side Cleaners work in conjunction with your pool’s pump and filter. The cleaner’s hose typically attaches inside the skimmer or an intake fitting on the pool wall. Dirt and debris is collected in the pump and skimmer baskets as well as the filter.
  • In-Floor Cleaners pop-up cleaning and circulating nozzles built into the floor of the pool. These unique systems use the pressure of clean water to provide circulation. Built on a system of return lines, banks of cleaning heads in the pool floor pop-up, spray a jet of water, retract, turn and pop-up again to systematically blow dirt into the pool’s filtration system. Since the system circulates clean, filtered, heated water, chemical distribution is more efficient, reducing costs. Cold spots are also virtually eliminated. In-floor cleaners are available as a complete cleaning system or as a step and bench system that supplements an automatic pool cleaner.

No matter the shape or size of your pool, Anthony & Sylvan can help you select the pool cleaning system that best meets the needs of you and your pool.


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