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Environmentally Friendly

Having a fun and enjoyable backyard retreat doesn’t have to come at an environmental cost. Anthony and Sylvan believes in using environmentally friendly designs, products, and systems that offer the same family fun while still being good for the environment and your family’s health.

High-Efficiency Pumps

Most of your household appliances have probably shifted to a more efficient design to reduce water and energy waste. Pool pumps and filtration systems are no different. Anthony and Sylvan offers high-efficiency pumps, like the E-Pump or the VS FloPro, that have variable speeds and are some of the quietest and most efficient pumps on the market. Not only will it save you on your energy bills, but it also helps reduce your pool’s footprint on the environment.

LED Environmentally Friendly Lighting

We offer some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly lighting options available. All of our lighting is LED, lasting longer than traditional bulbs. In fact, our Universal Colorlogic LED lighting can allow you to never have to change a bulb again. They offer our brightest lighting, can be installed in almost any pool or spa, use up to 86% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and typically lasts 10 times longer than a standard light. Our lights come in countless different colors and can be operated from a single light switch control that offers a timer, further reducing your energy usage and costs.

Intelligent Filtration Systems and Saltwater Systems

Along with our energy efficient pumps, we also provide state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation systems that purify your water even when the filter pump isn’t running. By combining two of our products, the Zodiac Nature2 Fusion In-ground and the Del Ozone Eclipse Ozonator, we can help reduce your need for traditional chemicals by as much as 90%. These systems are also simple to operate and require minimal maintenance, naturally destroying bacteria and controlling algae.

We also offer saltwater systems for your in-ground pool to help reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that you use. Salt water systems use a generator to convert regular salt into chlorine, keeping bacteria at bay without having to shock your pool’s water as regularly. Not only is it better for the environment and for pool maintenance costs, but it can also help reduce chlorine sensitivity, exposing swimmers to reduced amounts of harsh chemicals, plus the pool water is more enjoyable!

Discover More About Environmentally Friendly Pool Options Today!

Reduce your energy and chemical footprint low without sacrificing the fun and relaxation that an in-ground pool can offer. Speak to an Anthony & Sylvan pool builder today about all of our environmentally friendly products and services today!

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