Custom Pool Features: Vanishing Edge, BBQ Pit, Beach Entry & More

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Custom Pool Features

Custom pool features allow you the opportunity to make your backyard oasis as unique as you imagined. Whether you desire complete serenity, infinity pools, raised spas with spillways or vanishing edges, Anthony & Sylvan can do it all. The options are endless, so find out more about each of these custom features below or let an Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant help you plan the perfect custom made backyard retreat.

Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edges or Negative Edges allow water to spill over the edges of the pool, giving it that amazing appearance that the water is disappearing over the edge never to be seen again! This custom feature is especially popular for pool owners with sloping backyards, where the effect can bring years of enjoyment. Anthony & Sylvan can integrate a vanishing edge into any pool with a sloping backyard.

Sunken Barbeque Pits

Imagine a barbeque grill that you don’t even have to get out of the pool to access. With a sunken barbeque pit installed in your pool, you can cook and eat while still in the pool. Anthony & Sylvan has installed sunken barbeque pits with seating, electric and plumbing for pool owners – giving you the outdoor cooking area you have always dreamed of.

Beach Entries

Beach Entries are a popular custom feature for many pool owners. The gentle sloping water covered beach entrance makes getting into the pool a breeze and a great addition for small children and sunbathers. Anthony & Sylvan has built many beach areas for pool owners and can help you design one with custom material to complement to your existing design.

Raised Spas with Spillways

Add a beautiful spillway to your spa and create a whole new dimension of tranquility. Spas with spillways allow water to funnel into the pool area below creating a natural-sounding appeal. Choose from a variety of custom finishes and edge materials, including a popular natural rock lining. No matter what your vision, an Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant can help you create the combination you’ve always dreamed of.

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Lighting Options for Custom Pools

Nothing makes a pool look more custom once the sun goes down than unique pool lighting. By adding LED lights to your backyard pool, you can highlight waterfalls, add color, and create a custom show for your guests.

Kid Friendly Pool Customizations

Are you ready to take a plunge with a new in-ground pool? See what we recommend for your family this summer at Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

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