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Pool Options

Anthony & Sylvan is a leading pool installation and renovation company serving current and new pool owners all over the country. Our inground pool options include customizable features that come in various colors, materials, and sizes so that every aspect of your inground pool complements your home and lifestyle.

Our pool options can accommodate any size pool, regardless of shape or design. To help create your perfect design and outdoor pool space, Anthony & Sylvan’s pool design consultants are available to help you discuss your options and will advise you through the entire installation or renovation process.

Pool Designs

Our customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of pool designs including custom, freeform, and geometric. Learn more about which designs and shapes complement swimming laps, natural settings, or unusually-shaped yards from our experts.

Pool Finishes

Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of beautiful and durable finishes for both concrete and fiberglass pools. Finishes keep pools impermeable to surrounding dirt and environmental elements. Learn more about the maintenance and appearance of each type of finish we offer.

Salt vs. Chlorine

Salt and chlorine pool systems sanitize your pool’s water and help prevent the growth of algae. Chlorine systems are a traditional and efficient method, while salt systems are becoming more popular and are great for those sensitive to chlorine.

Tiles and Mosaics

Anthony & Sylvan offers custom designs in tiles and mosaics for those looking to add something special to their pool walls or floor. Tiles and mosaics make your pool one-of-a-kind with fun images or colorful patterns.


Coping is featured along the borders of pools to add a transition from decking to pool edges, as well as for safety reasons. Coping is available in brick, stone, and concrete for perimeters.


Decking is a type of ground covering surrounding your pool and is available in materials like pavers and concrete. Learn about the types of decking that are great for slip-resistant surfaces, durability, and natural looking environments.


Pool owners love adding ambiance and custom settings with pool lighting from Anthony & Sylvan. Enhance your space and enjoy night time swimming safely with LED or fiber optic lighting, available in a variety of colors.

Water Features

Laminar jets, waterfalls, and fountains add to the customization of pools while providing a fun element that can be combined with lightshows and programmed to various settings. Learn more about our different types of water features.

Custom Features

Anthony & Sylvan’s expertise in the pool industry allows our customers to add special custom features like beach entries, vanishing edges, and raised spas with spillways. Whether you are looking to create a sleepy lagoon or ultra-modern, sleek spa – trust our professionals to get the job done.

Handicap Accessibility

Anthony & Sylvan can make sure that everyone is able to enjoy your pool with a variety of handicap accessible options. Whether you’re planning on building a pool, renovating an old one, or adding an element that can easily be moved, we have the options for you.

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If you would like more information about Anthony & Sylvan’s pool options and custom features, request a free consultation online. You can also check out our locations page to call the specific design center near you.

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