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Pool Customer now “Member of the A&S Family”

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

The Sansom family, residents of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, drafted a thank you letter and forwarded it to the GM of the Service Division – Sean McHugh.

In the letter, the customer admits that “unfortunately” (their quote) they did not buy the pool from us – indicating problems with the original builder….but they came to us for help, and our Service Division delivered!

To: Sean McHugh

“To the team at Anthony & Sylvan Pools: I unfortunately did not purchase my pool from you, however, I would like you to know how good the Service Department is. We decided to call your Service Department and I spoke to Dorothy Campbell, and from the first conversation, Dorothy made me fell like a part of your family and not just a number, answering all my questions and listening to my concerns.”

The Sansom family continued…

“I want to point out two other outstanding employees. Randy Kramer and Max Mandolini. It started when they pulled up at our house and they handled and addressed my family very politely and professionally. They answered all my questions and asked how I would like to have my equipment put away and stored. You should be very proud (and fortunate) to have them working for Anthony & Sylvan.”

And finally….

My wife and daughter also visited the Montgomeryville store and had a blast shopping and were personally taken care of by your store manager, Mathiew Kurtz…thank you Matt!”

This letter demonstrates the total team commitment approach we take to Customer Satisfaction; one of the basic tenants of the Anthony & Sylvan business model. For over 75 years we’ve been churning out happy customers in all aspects of the trade.

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