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Tips for Getting a Jump on Summer Pool Building Plans

DOYLESTOWN, PA (February 7, 2017) — The New Year brings us another step closer to the warm summer months. As summer quickly approaches, homeowners need to start preparing their summer swimming pool plans before it’s too late. Anthony & Sylvan Pools, America’s premier in-ground swimming pool and spa builder, released its top four tips to consider when getting a jump on those swimming pool plans.

Know what you want

Swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so homeowners should plan what their ideal pool will look like. As they do this, they must also consider where on their property the pool will go and any municipal code requirements that could affect where their new pool can be built. A pool professional can help with the requirements. Going into it knowing exactly what kind of pool you want – and where it can be placed – will help streamline the process.

Research pool ownership

People love the idea of owning a pool, but oftentimes forget that pool ownership is a year-round commitment. It’s best that homeowners research pool maintenance options, so that they’re prepared for their first summer (and fall, winter and spring). Things such as which pool chemicals are safe to use, how to properly clean your pool, and (if you live in the Northeast) what type of cover to buy are important details to know before you own a pool. It’s important for homeowners to remember that many maintenance items can also be cared for by a local certified service technician.

Understand your budget

After envisioning the pool they want, homeowners need to consider their backyard budget. Pool prices can vary depending on a wide variety of factors like the materials used to construct the pool, product quality and added features, so consult a professional to gauge what type of pool is most feasible. Homeowners need to take into consideration a variety of factors when making a purchase decision, as they could affect their initial plans.

Research the quality and reputation of the pool builder

Once you research pool ownership and establish your budget, the last thing you need to do is research your pool builder. Check online referrals and reviews to gauge the overall reputation of local pool builders. Although homeowners will be eager to test out the new pool, companies with good customer service can make the building process just as enjoyable. Pool builders should be easy-to-reach and trustworthy, making homeowners truly feel involved in every step of the way.

“Making the commitment to purchase a pool is the start of an exciting journey for a homeowner,” said Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “We want all pool owners to be fully prepared before purchasing their pool, so they don’t miss out on fulfilling a lifelong dream because they didn’t properly prepare. If homeowners follow these tips, they’ll be more than ready to purchase their pool and enjoy it this summer.”

Warmer weather is almost here, so be sure to make those swimming pool plans now, so you don’t miss out on the fun this summer!

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