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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Picasso never painted anything like this!

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.
Picasso with wok potsAnthony Sylvan built this beautiful Picasso Fiberglass pool in Virginia Beach with some very trendy Wok Pots for a customer that wanted a unique water feature in their swimming pool.
Glad to accomodate! Looks terrific too…another expert installation by the company that’s been performing for more than six decades; Anthony & Sylvan – Where America Swims

Our Charlotte Division received this fantastic testimonial from a customer in an e-mail this week. Phil & JenGrennan wrote a special thank you to our Top Ten Design Consultant, Brian Syvrud for his efforts and lauded the work the construction team did in their backyard.

“Brian –I just wanted to thank you for referring Corey Rowley to us. He has been absolutely fantastic to work with and worth every single penny to have him here and ensuring the customer is happy. The work he has done on the steps, pavers, fireplace and wing wall are all just fantastic…and he even had to put up with me pestering him endlessly via text. The irrigation is in and the sod is going in today…and the whole thing just looks simply amazing. We are just ecstatic and feel like we live at a resort now!

Also, I want to thank you for your input and advice when selling us the pool. Your design ideas turned out fantastic and we are very appreciative. It’s a massive investment we’ve made in our home and we both feel like we got great advice and ideas from both you and Corey.

Kam…he’s just amazing too and always positive and thorough in his communication. He also graciously put up with my texting…and got the job done very efficiently. We have a couple items to wrap up but it’s mostly all done.

I am starting to relax now…I hate mess…and I have seen enough red clay for a lifetime that’s for sure.

Thanks again…you made the sale and its solely because of you that we selected Anthony & Sylvan.

Phil & Jen”

WOW! How’s that for customer service? Nothing out of the ordinary for Anthony & Sylvan!

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