Health Benefits of Owning a Pool - Exercise, Relaxation and More

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Why Owning a Pool is Good for Your Health

From Exercise Benefits to Relaxation, Learn Why a Pool Can Help Improve Your Health

There are 100+ reasons why you should put in an inground pool, but one that always tops the list: Owning a pool is a good for your health.

Spending time in your own backyard pool not only helps you exercise, improving your heart health and allowing you to burn more calories, but it can allow you to relax and de-stress, give you and your family time away from phones, tablets and TVs, and allow you to soak in some essential Vitamin D. Read below to learn why owning a pool is so good for your health, then contact Anthony & Sylvan for your free inground pool design consultation.

Go Low Impact with Pool Exercise to Improve Heart Health and Burn Calories

When you want to improve your health and fitness through exercise, it is important to have options available that allow you to be consistent and make progress. Owning an Anthony & Sylvan inground pool is good for your health because the pool itself is all you need for effective exercise.

There is no need to drive to the gym or to find space in your home to set up large fitness equipment; you can simply walk outside to your backyard pool and get in your daily aerobic exercise. In fact, swimming is similar in effectiveness to high impact exercises such as walking, jogging or running, but has much less impact on your joints and bones.

If you are not a fan of swimming laps, however, you can also get a great aerobic workout in with water aerobics or aqua therapy exercises. All these pool exercises will benefit your cardiovascular health without all the impact.

Also, while the summer heat may derail other outdoor exercise plans – after all, who wants to go running on a 90-degree afternoon? — your backyard pool provides the perfect place to exercise and keep cool at the same time.

If the idea of relaxing with soothing spa jets after a great pool workout sounds good to you, you may want to consider adding a spa to your pool area.

Spend Time in the Sunshine for a Dose of Vitamin D

While it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, spending time outside in your inground pool, soaking up the sunshine, is good for your health, too.

The sun provides you with Vitamin D, often called the “sunshine vitamin,” which helps your body regulate the absorption of calcium, build strong bones and teeth, and monitor normal immune system functions. Vitamin D has also been known to help your body fight off diseases and can reduce depression.

Don’t give the people in your life any excuses to avoid the sunshine. Adding a pool to your backyard will ensure that you, your children/grandchildren and their friends will crave a day outside.

Owning a Pool is Good for Mental Health, Too

While owning a pool does offer a wonderful chance to improve your cardiovascular strength and physical health, it can also be quite good for your mental health as well. Backyard pools offer you readily available recreation and relaxation, allowing you to reduce stress and breathe easier.

It is a great boost to your mental health to come home from a hard day at the office and take a leisurely swim, or to finish up a stressful conference call by relaxing by the pool as you unwind with family and friends. Having a pool in your backyard provides you with a chance to have a bit of an escape from the busyness of everyday life whenever you’d like.

Spend Time Together Outside Rather Than Looking at Your Phones

Your eyesight may also crave a break from staring at all the screens that fill your day: computers, tablets, phones, televisions and more. Put the work emails on hold and walk outside for an afternoon with your family and friends. There’s no better way to de-stress!

Take the First Step Toward Better Health With a New Inground Pool

Don’t you think it’s time you took advantage of all the health benefits that can come from owning your own inground pool? Take the first step toward improved health and schedule a free consultation with an Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant today.

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