Modern Inground Pool Designs - Geometric and Modern Pool Photos

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Modern Pool Designs

A lot has changed since our start in the pool business over 75 years ago. A great place to swim has evolved with each decade and we have been here to see it change and evolve! People in the 21st century want a pool with the latest amenities to transform their dreams into a reality.

Modern pool designs incorporate many new technology features along with a distinct look that fits current architecture trends. People not only want a swimming pool in their backyard – they want a pool that matches their home and fits in the grand scheme of their property. Check out these modern pools and see what makes them truly unique.

Anthony & Sylvan modern pool

Geometric Pool Shapes & Features

What makes these pools modern are the creative geometric designs. Clean lines and sharp angles with classic patterns are prominent in these pools. You can see this pool includes a raised, attached spa that is perfectly symmetrical to match. The lush garden behind the pool is a gorgeous complement that corresponds with the modern theme. This pool is a pure example of how modern pools are essentially timeless that will remain in style for ages.

Anthony & Sylvan pools

Pool Lighting

Everyone loves a good summer swim at night, but imagine if your pool illuminated from the inside as you float. Choose from either LED or fiber optic lighting to beautifully light up your pool and make it even more inviting. We can encase LED lights in the walls of your pool that you can turn on or off at the flick of a switch. This modern pool has a dark interior finish that enhances the bright LED lighting that makes it even more appealing at night. Choose between a variety of beautiful colors to add a modern touch to your pool.

Anthony & Sylvan modern pools

Vanishing Edges

This sleek and contemporary installation adds simplistic elegance to the home and is the epitome of modern design. Vanishing edges are perfect to include when there is a spectacular view, such as this breathtaking modern pool. This feature gives you a visual effect that there is no end to your pool while drawing the eye out past the edge. Swim out to the edge, sip on a cocktail, and take in the view that is right in your backyard.

Anthony & Sylvan pools

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