Making Your Pool Pet and Kid Friendly - Pool Safety Tips for Pool Owners

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Making Your Pool Pet and Kid Friendly

Ensure your inground pool area is safe for children and pets with these pool safety tips from Anthony & Sylvan’s team of experts

As a pool owner, you have a responsibility to keep your inground pool area safe for everyone — especially pets and kids. Dogs, especially those with shorter legs who aren’t good swimmers, can fall into a pool and drown. Children and toddlers can slip and fall, or wander into the water, ingesting chemicals and even drowning. Avoid tragedy and make pool safety a priority with these tips from Anthony & Sylvan’s pool building experts.

Steps for Maintaining a Safe Pool for Kids and Pets

Anthony & Sylvan Pools can help you maintain your pool and ensure that it is safe for everyone. Take a look at these tips for keeping your pool area safe for kids and pets.

Keep Your Inground Pool Area Fenced In

Keeping your pool fenced-in prevents wandering children and pets from accidentally falling in. In fact, most locales actually require you to fence in your pool area for safety reasons with self-latching gates or barriers.. There may be precise measurements for height you’ll want to follow, so check with your municipality or Home Owners Association (HOA) and read through your neighborhood guidelines.

Anthony & Sylvan offers pool fences in a variety of different options, including wood, aluminum and vinyl (PVC).

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the fence has a child safety gate. On an ongoing basis, we recommend checking your pool’s fence and gate to ensure they are properly working.

Build Non-Slip Pool Decking with Materials Like Travertine

We also recommend trying to avoid accidents by building your pool deck with a non-slip material. Many decking textures are slip-resistant, but keep a watchful eye for low maintenance and durability.

Make a Rule List

It’s important to teach children the importance of pool safety. You’ll want to ensure your children, as well as their friends, understand that the pool area has a strict no-running rule. We also recommend making a list of other rules, including no throwing objects, never leave the pool gate open, and never swim without supervision. You’ll also want to teach children and young ones the importance of putting away toys and keeping the pool area clean to prevent tripping and accidents.

Have Life Jackets and Floaties On Hand

Children under the age of three should always wear a life jacket in the pool area or have floaties to assist them while they are learning to swim.

Lock up Pool Chemicals

Keep pool chemicals out of reach from children and pets by locking them up at all times. Children and pets may be attracted to pool chemicals, which are highly poisonous if swallowed. 

Protect Pets and Kids with Constant Adult Supervision 

You should never leave children or pets unsupervised in the pool area. If you must leave, secure the area or bring the children and pets into the home with you. Unfortunately, drowning accidents occur very quickly. If your children or pets go missing, always check the pool first. Adults in the home may also want to take a CPR class so you are prepared if an accidental drowning occurs near any body of water.

Safeguard your Pool Area With Help From Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Want help creating a safe environment for your pool area? Let Anthony & Sylvan Pools help make your pool pet and kid friendly. We can help you create a protected pool area and one that’s fun for the entire family. Learn more about our pool owner services and request a free consultation today.

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