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Innovative Inground Pool Decking Options

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers a variety of inground pool decking options. A great deck will save you time and money for maintenance. It will also help keep pool water from spilling onto grass and plants. They look beautiful and can increase the value of your home.

We can construct your pool deck from several types of materials, including paver, spray and concrete. Different climates, safety precautions, and aesthetic appeals are all major factors to consider when choosing a pool-decking material. All can be incorporated into the backyard pool design.

Contact us and schedule a free consultation. An A&S representative will walk you through your different options and help you design and construct the pool of your dreams. Our most popular decking options all have their own unique benefits. Which one sounds best for your future pool?

Travertine Decking

• Slip resistant so water quickly runs off travertine surfaces.
• Homeowners do not need to reapply sealers or protective coatings, so they require very low maintenance. Easily remove dirt and water to keep in top condition.
• The thick, dense travertine stones can support excessive weight and they are extremely durable.
• They can take on a variety of shades and colors so matching them to our existing home décor is a snap.

Spray Deck

• Cost effective and requires low maintenance..
• They are waterproof and stain resistant, so chlorine water will not tarnish the exterior of your deck.
• For extremely hot days, the decking does not absorb direct heat and remains cool. Enjoy hot days in your pool without burning your feet when stepping out.
• Anti-skid surface, freeze resistant, and mildew-resistant. Moist, humid seasons will not affect the beautiful condition of your pool deck.
• Can be used to “top” an existing deck and after a decade, only requires re-applying the material for a brand-new look.

Paver Decking

• A combination of stone, brick, and concrete crafted into a natural decking.
• Resistant to chlorinated and salt water – so it requires little maintenance.
• Durable material is non-slip and ideal for the safety of young children and senior citizens.
• Cost-effective option and requires simple installation. The mortar-less method is a great option for a pool project on a budget.
• If a paver is damaged, replacement for a tile is inexpensive.


• Custom options including color additions and stamp designs.
• Economical choice and affordable for any pool budget.
• Can mimic other materials such as slate and paver but the cost of material is far cheaper.
• Malleable and versatile. Can be colored, painted, and stained and aggregate material can be added for character and color
• Locally-sourced materials and other ingredients created from waste byproducts, making the concrete option the most environmentally friendly.

Which Pool Decking Sounds Right For You?

Chat with a professional designer about our beautiful pool decking options. Call us at (877) 729-7946 or fill out our online contact form to request a free consultation with one of our pool experts.

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