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Inground Versus Above Ground Pools

See Why Inground Pools Are a Better Long-Term Choice Than Above Ground Pools

Are you looking to add a pool to your backyard, but not sure if you want an inground pool or one that sits above the ground? A variety of factors will play into whether you want an inground or above ground pool, including your budget and lifestyle. In this article, the pool building experts at Anthony and Sylvan explain the differences between an above ground and inground pool, and why inground pools have more long-term benefits.

Installation Time for Inground and Above Ground Pools

The process for putting up an above ground pool includes clearing and leveling the area, installing the pool, and then filling it with water, so above ground pools are ideal for families who want a pool – and want it fast. In some cases, above ground pools can be installed in just one day!

Inground pools have a longer installation time, typically taking 6-8 weeks to install; however, inground pools can increase the value of your home, are very “custom-izable”, provide aesthetic value and last much longer than above ground pools, so many consider an inground pool well worth the wait.

If you want to truly enhance the look of your backyard with details like decking, lighting, water features, and custom features, then an inground pool is the better choice. Bottom line, inground pools offer consumers more options and more value for their backyard living space.


Overall, you don’t have many choices when it comes to customizing an aboveground pool. Most above ground pools come in a pre-packaged kit, with limited options regarding the size and shape of your pool.

With an inground pool, however, there are various pool options you can consider. You can truly customize your inground pool to your liking to create the perfect outdoor pool space, such as:

Inground Pool Design

Choose from custom, freeform and geometric pool to shapes to complement your backyard living area.

Pool Finishes

Inground pools can be installed in concrete or fiberglass, depending on your budget, backyard and general preference.

Tiles and Mosaics

Inground pool owners can customize their pool by adding special tiles and mosaics to the pool walls and/or bottom. These tiles and mosaics create fun images or colorful patterns that help make your pool one-of-a-kind.

Water Features

Add laminar jets, waterfalls, and fountains to customize the appearance of your inground pool. Water features are now more mainstream than ever before, and most new inground pool designs include them by request!

Other Custom Features

Inground pools can be customized with features like beach entries, vanishing edges, raised spas with spillways and much, much more.


The other big consideration with above ground pools is the entry and exit step system. Most people think you can just put up an above ground pool and you’re done, but that’s not the case. You’ll have to install fencing along the top of the rail to meet local building and safety codes.

With inground pool designs, you’ll get to pick out your decking, fencing and other backyard options as you’re building your pool, so you can truly create the backyard of your dreams.

Design an Inground Pool; Erect an Above Ground Pool

Anthony and Sylvan, in business for over 75 years, has a team of experienced pool design consultants who will sit down with you to explain all your inground pool options in detail. They will help you decide what works best for the size of your backyard, whether big or small. The pool design and customization options to help you get the most out of your pool or backyard time with friends and family, as well as how to secure financing, are all just a click away!.

With an above ground pool, you order the kit and installation, and watch as it’s erected in your backyard, with no design consideration or input.

With so many benefits, aren’t you ready to start the process of designing an inground pool?

Contact Anthony and Sylvan Pools, Top-Rated Inground Pool Builders

If you feel an inground pool is the right choice for you, contact the pool builders at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. We proudly serve the Northeast, the Washington D.C. area, Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas and more and with customizable inground pool spaces.

Our renovation experts can also make recommendations for your pool, patio, and deck, as well as pool chemicals, supplies, equipment, and accessories. We’ve helped homeowners across the United States transform their backyard space into a relaxing oasis.

Get started now on your inground pool design; contact us today for a free consultation.

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