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How to Pick the Best Spot for Your Backyard In-Ground Pool

Whether your home is traditional, modern, or imaginative, choosing the location of your in-ground pool is imperative to its overall style and design. Adding an in-ground pool is a permanent home improvement and investment in your property. Although pools can always be renovated and moved, these changes can be costly, so it is important to choose the best location the first time around.

Factors to Consider When Building a Backyard Pool

There’s a long list of custom features, environmental and design elements, and preferences that should be considered when deciding where your in-ground pool will be placed.

  • Consider the topography of your backyard. The layout of your backyard can play a considerable role in cost when planning an in-ground pool. Pools needs to be installed on level ground, otherwise land will need to be altered accordingly. Building a pool in flood prone areas should also be avoided, as this can damage filtering systems and aesthetics.
  • Do you want shade, sunlight, or varying amounts? Putting a pool under or near trees is a good way to cool off during the warm weather, however sunbathers may not appreciate the changing shadows cast by trees as the sun moves in the sky. Many people may elect for poolside accessories like umbrellas, but some enjoy the organic appeal of tree shade.
  • Consider the distance you want your pool from your house. Young families with small children may want pools to be closer, so they can be monitored more carefully. On the other hand, when pools are closer to the house the noise may exceed appropriate levels for those trying to enjoy some peace and quiet while indoors. Pools further away from the house also can create their own atmospheric appeal.
  • What will the pool be used for? If you plan on using your pool for a workout, it is important to know what shapes best suit your exercise regimen, and therefore what areas can accommodate these shapes. Comparatively, if you plan to use the pool for lounging and fun, depth and free form designs will be a major factor.
  • Will you be adding decking or landscaping? Remember to leave enough room around the edges of the pool if you plan to plant foliage, or if you are considering installing a deck around the pool. Having foliage too close to the sides of the pool will allow limbs, leaves, and other trimmings to fall into the pool, requiring more cleanup.
  • Other factors that should be considered when choosing the location are privacy, accessibility by construction equipment, if the pool will be a focal point or not, zoning restrictions, and pool depth.

Choosing a spot for a pool can be overwhelming for homeowners, so call today to receive expert advice from the knowledgeable staff at Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

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