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How Much Does a Pool Cost to Maintain?


Are pool costs keeping you from owning your own personal pool? Pool maintenance costs are not exorbitant and can be kept to a minimum. With Anthony & Sylvan, pool maintenance is simple and cost effective.

Factors that Affect Pool Costs

While all pools require some maintenance costs, there are several ways to lower the amount you need to spend on pool maintenance. Some of the factors that can contribute to the cost it takes to maintain an in ground pool include:

  • Pool Type. Concrete and fiberglass pools differ in their maintenance fees. Both require significantly less repairs than vinyl pools due to their strength and durability. Concrete pools typically have a long lifespan, and require few repairs. They may require a resurfacing which can range between $3,500 and $12,000+ depending on the size, finish and condition of the pool. Fiberglass pools may need repair over the years, but they also offer algae resistance, which requires fewer chemicals to be added on a routine basis.
  • Pool System. The cost of chemicals will depend on the type of pool system. Typically, saltwater systems and traditional chlorine chemicals cost between $200-$800 yearly, depending on the size of the pool, use of the pool and length of time the pool is open during the year.
  • Amount of Usage. The amount of time your pool is used during the year affects the cost of pool maintenance. Pools that are open year-round typically require more chemicals and take on more wear and tear than those open solely during the warm months. Pumps and motors may also need occasional repair, depending on how often they are used. Replacing a pump or motor generally costs between $600-$1300. A pump & motor have varying life spans based on maintenance and hours of operation – typically anywhere from 5 to 15 years.
  • Size. Smaller pools often have lower pool costs. Small pools require less chemicals to keep the water clean and safe for swimming.
  • Features. Depending on which features you may have in your in ground pool, repairs and replacements for those features may create added costs. These costs should be occasional, not recurring, especially if the features are high-quality, well-built and maintained. Replacing a pool cleaner or vacuum generally costs $300-$1,900 depending on the type of cleaner. Average repair costs vary but generally range from $0-$500 annually, depending on the type of repairs needed, if at all.

Keep Pool Costs to a Minimum with Anthony & Sylvan

At Anthony & Sylvan, we understand the importance of enjoying your pool year round with the least amount of maintenance costs and repairs. To help keep costs down, we provide these cost-saving methods:

  • Building Quality Pools. We believe that building quality pools with premium materials helps keep costs down overtime. When you start with top-rated pool equipment, you can lower maintenance costs and repairs and replacements happen far less often than with cheaper equipment. Not only does that mean lower pool costs for our customers, but it also means that they enjoy their pools for longer, getting more value out of their investment.
  • Offering Top Products. Another great way to keep costs down is by offering top pool equipment brands. With top brands and high-quality products, your pool equipment will last longer, your pool will stay cleaner and you’ll enjoy your pool with less repair and maintenance work.
  • Anthony & Sylvan Line of Products. With over 75 years of pool building and cleaning experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why Anthony & Sylvan has created our own line of cleaning products with the highest concentration for the best value.

Find Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies at Anthony & Sylvan Stores

With 13 convenient pool supply stores located in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, a clean and beautiful pool is simple to achieve. Just drop by one of your neighborhood Anthony & Sylvan stores and our team will help you find what you need to keep your pool costs low.

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-729-7946.

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