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Hot Pool Designs for Houston Homes

It’s hot in Houston. Many Texas natives know the best way to cool off is in their own swimming pool. With so many new options, it’s hard to decide which one is perfect for your own home. Luckily, Anthony & Sylvan Pools are experts when it comes to pairing a homeowner with the perfect design.

Check out some of our favorites for Houston natives.

Geometric Pools


We offer an array of geometric pool options and shapes. We can sketch the ideal landscape for your particular taste, including angles, custom shapes, and added features. One of our favorite features is vanishing edges, adding a stunningly sleek shape and innovative feature to your pool.

Enjoy a relaxing soak and choose from a plethora of custom features. We can add waterfalls, jets, and other great options to bring your pool to life. If you want to get inspired, check out our pool gallery for some of our classic geometric pool designs.

Concrete Pools



The best thing about concrete pools are the endless choices in shapes, sizes, and interior colors. Your design consultant can help plan your ideal pool from therapeutic spas to beautiful waterfall additions. Pool owners love to add mosaic tile designs for beautiful artistic flavor.

Concrete pools are durable and take little work to maintain. Add textured and aggregate waterproof interior finishes to protect your pool and keep it beautiful for years to come. We also have many finishing options, including Anthony & Sylvan’s own “Ansylbrite, surfaces to make your backyard pool unique.

Infinity Pools

For a modern and sleek finish, infinity pools are a great option. The signature zero edge design gives a sloped yard an eye-catching visual effect where it seems there are no boundaries. Many exotic resorts and upper-end spas have infinity pools but they are becoming more and more affordable for families to own too.

Natural Water Features


Rock and sheer descent waterfalls add an elegant touch to any backyard. Sheer descent waterfalls pour a curtain of water from a straight wall and rock waterfalls are perfect for freeform pools.



For sore joints and tired muscles, your own spa is a dream come true. Enjoy pulsating, warm water for your own personal masseuse. We can build spa designs around any of our pool options for perfect at-home physical therapy.

Houston, We Have Your Dream Pool

Houston natives know that a cool pool is the perfect solution to hot summer days. Anthony &Sylvan can help you get your own pool in your backyard to cool off. Contact us for a free consultation and our team can help you find the right one for you. Discover why over 370,000 pool owners chose us. Contact us today!

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