Finding the Best Pool Builder in Charlotte, NC

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Finding the Best Pool Builder in Charlotte, NC

A pool is a permanent investment in your future. From creating fun family memories to increasing home and property value, it’s vital to build a pool and spa the right way. When choosing a pool company to work with, we recommend using the following criteria to find the best pool builder in Charlotte, NC.

Longstanding Service and Experience

Often times, you get what you pay for in service or product experiences. If you see a deal that’s too good to be true, especially with a builder or large investment, you’re probably going to be sacrificing an important quality to make up for the inexpensive price. That’s why, when it comes to choosing a pool builder, price isn’t everything.

Look for a pool builder that has a long history in the community or has a brand. Not only will they be able to produce a portfolio of past work to prove their expertise, but you’ll be able to find ratings and reviews to really recommend them. Many new companies boast low prices, but do not have the experience or the service to make the lower price worthwhile. Anthony & Sylvan Pools has been around since 1946, building pools for happy families for over 75 years.

Expert Customer Service

To find the perfect pool builder in Charlotte, NC, we also recommend that you look for a company that delivers excellent customer service, regardless of what product or service you buy from them. Even if a company offers an excellent product, without great customer service, building a pool can become a long, painful process. Instead, turn to a company who puts their customer first.

At Anthony & Sylvan, we exist to serve you. Our customer service has earned our team an outstanding rating with Angie’s List (including A ratings and Super Service awards, five stars on Google customer service reviews, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Skilled Designers and Builders

Ultimately, you’re looking for a pool that fits your needs and your space that looks beautiful. Unlike many pre-fab pool companies, our team in Charlotte, NC builds custom pools that fit each family’s needs and style. When you visit our design centers and stores, you’ll be matched with a personal pool designer to help you create the pool of your dreams. Then, our experienced engineers, project managers, and construction managers will work their magic creating the oasis you’ve always dreamed about. Our team is held to strict inspection standards to ensure that our quality stretches across the nation, no matter where you live.

Anthony & Sylvan: Your Pool Builder in Charlotte, NC

Start building your dream pool today! Contact your local Charlotte pool builder at 704-525-1100 or fill out our online form.

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