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Our Favorite New Jersey Concrete Pool Designs

Concrete pools offer the most possibility for swimming pool customization. This type of pool can be any shape, size or color. The strength offered by concrete swimming pools makes their perfect for custom pool options as well.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools is America’s premier pool builder with over 75 years of experience building pools all across the country. Take a look at some of our favorite concrete pool designs we’ve built in the great state of New Jersey.

Freeform New Jersey Pool with Brick Coping & Landscaping

New Jersey pool
Freeform pool with brick coping.

This freeform concrete pool defies convention with its completely asymmetrical shape. The brick pool coping that runs along the pool’s edges offer a classic, refined look.

The pine straw, shrubs and large stones make up the pool landscaping, which is complemented by a deck that has concave edges, so the lawn can take up more space. The pool’s shape and the landscaping around it create a decidedly organic feel for this concrete pool.

Meanwhile, the freeform shape allows the swimming pool to accommodate a raised spa, which flows into the pool with a spillway, and the diving board adds a touch of fun for younger swimmers.

L-Shaped New Jersey Pool with In-Set Spa

New Jersey pool
L-shaped pool with in-set spa.

This pool shape is a creative take on the Lazy L-Shaped pool, which allows it to flow out from one end to the other and makes it feel both larger and longer than a normal pool.

This particular pool features tile accenting and an in-set spa, which both add a touch of class.

New Jersey Concrete Pool with Stone Coping & Custom Water Features

New Jersey pool
Concrete Pool with stone coping and water features.

The freeform shape of this concrete pool allows it to expand across this backyard and conform to existing features like the gate and back deck. It features a raised spa with a spillway, and it has other custom water features such as laminar jet streams and a sheer descent waterfall.

The natural stone pool coping is cool to the touch for people sitting around the pool or climbing out of it, and these homeowners have even added umbrellas that stand in the water to offer shade on sunny days.

Geometric Pool with Custom Lighting Features in New Jersey

Contemporary pool design
Contemporary pool design with water features, and raised spa with tile accents.

This unique, geometric pool features a raised tile spa. The spa sits on a raised shelf inside the pool, which is shallow enough for simply wading or soaking your feet in the water. If you prefer, there are also square steps inside the shelf, which allow you to walk across the water to the spa.

One wall of the pool features three sheer descent waterfalls. Behind this wall, there is a bed of landscaping, which includes flowers, shrubs, and even a couple of small trees. This landscaping provides a more natural look to the pool area and offers greater privacy.

At night, beautiful, custom pool lighting illuminates this pool and spa in several stunning colors. Both LED and fiber optic lighting are available, and you can even schedule pool lighting to put on beautiful shows with your pool.

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The options are endless when it comes to concrete swimming pools.

Design and build your dream pool today by requesting a pool consultation online with Anthony & Sylvan Pools!

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