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Transform Your Inground Pool With Help From Endless Pools

From Endless Pools: FASTLANE®, a swim current generator for your Anthony and Sylvan inground pool.

A refuge, a spa, a fitness facility… the opportunities are endless.

There is nothing quite like a backyard pool. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and a natural gathering place for family and friends. It beautifies your property and refreshes your mind as well as your body.

And now that beautiful body of water can be used for serious fitness purposes as well.

The FASTLANE® transforms virtually any inground pool into an endless river, opening up a sea of possibilities for anyone who wants to use their pool for exercise. It’s like opening up a health club in your backyard. The FASTLANE is perfect for every level swimmer, from dog-paddlers to experienced competitors.

How it Works

The FASTLANE® creates a current in your pool that mimics a smooth flowing river. The turbulence free stream is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough to allow others
to enjoy the pool while you swim.

Unlike jetted alternatives, the FASTLANE generates a wide block of crystal clear, bubble free, and completely adjustable water flow: creating the perfect swimming environment.

And the FASTLANE has numerous applications beyond swimming: aqua jogging, water aerobics, even rehabilitation therapy.

The FASTLANE unit will not interfere with your other leisure pool activities, and is inconspicuous
when not in use.

Easy to Operate

  • Press the ON/OFF button on your remote control to start the current
  • Adjust the speed to your desired pace
  • Swim into the current and keep swimming
  • Change speed with the FASTER and SLOWER buttons
  • To stop, simply swim out of the current and press the ON/OFF button

The Ultimate in Convenience

If you commute to a large community pool to get your laps in, the FASTLANE® takes that stress out of your life.

Consider a typical commute: pack your equipment, lock the door, load your car, negotiate traffic, check in, suit up, secure your locker, wait for a lane, negotiate around lane partners, shower off, and then begin the long trek home.

Then add childcare, rush hour traffic... sound familiar?

Now consider the FASTLANE: suit up, hop in your pool, push a button, and swim. Absolutely liberating.

Kids Can Learn to Swim, Play Games and more

For kids the FASTLANE is the best pool toy ever. They’ll love learning to swim against the gentle current.
Turn the current up and the pool becomes an endless resource for games and play. A FASTLANE is safe, private, clean, and always available.

The Serious Swimmer

Thousands of dedicated swimmers throughout the world have improved their performance by training with the patented technology found in the FASTLANE®.

By eliminating flip-turns and other distractions, you can concentrate on the quality, fluency and subtlety of your stroke, enabling you to judge the efficiency of each element of your swim.

By utilizing our optional on-deck swim pace display, underwater mirror or video equipment, you can quickly, and precisely, analyze your technique. Sports professionals find the instant feedback these tools provide invaluable.

Swim coaches, physical therapists and professional athletes have been recommending our swimming currents since 1988. Since our founding, we have led the industry in providing machines and training tools to the swimming community. We’ve accomplished this by listening closely to our clients and offering unequalled customer service and support.

Add these professional tools to your routine and immediately see the results:

  • Swim Pace Display
  • Floor Mirror

Take Exercise to The Next Level With Our ENDLESS POOLS FIT@HOME APP.

  • Custom time and pace intervals
  • Create and save advanced workouts
  • Monitor your workout

Transform Your Pool Today

The FASTLANE® can be installed in concrete, fiberglass, gunite, masonry, or vinyl-lined pools. The WALL MOUNT FASTLANE is typically installed while your pool is being built. It anchors directly into the pool wall and sits at the water level.

The DECK MOUNT FASTLANE fits over the side of an existing pool. It’s easy to install and
fits in virtually any existing pool.

The FASTLANE is 29” wide and can be placed on any pool wall where the water is 39”
deep. A clearance of 24” on each side is needed for proper water intake. Experts are
always available to answer questions concerning placement and installation.


  • Simple, drop-in convenience
  • Adaptable to all coping systems
  • Can easily be relocated


  • For new construction or renovation jobs
  • No deck obstructions
  • Choice of colors
  • Create a niche for a seamless look

Engineered for Safety

The FASTLANE® is engineered to be easy to operate, extremely safe to use, and economical to run.
With more than 25,000 swimming machines in every state and over 100 countries, safety, reliability
and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Dispersed inlet grills eliminate the possibility of entrapment, while hydraulic mechanics keep electricity
far away from the water. Installed, the unit is sturdy and secure against the pool wall, and is built to
exceed ETL and VGB safety standards.

Enjoy all the benefits FASTLANE offers, and become a stronger, healthier swimmer. And do it in a private, comfortable, convenient setting: your home!

Healthy Futures Are Made in the FASTLANE®

Whether you are training to be the next Olympic butterfly champion or are simply swimming for the sheer joy of it - a FASTLANE helps you shape your future. You decide where you want to go. We provide the current to get you there.

Considering expanding your pool’s potential?

Consider a better life in the FASTLANE.

“With the FASTLANE in the backyard all the kids can swim. We can make it fun. They always, always, ALWAYS ask, ‘Can we turn on the FASTLANE?’ So swimming at home and having a pool in the backyard has been a real blessing.” - Tara Whelton, Office Manager, Murietta CA

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