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Designing Your Backyard Pool and Spa

SpaWith the pool builders at Anthony & Sylvan Pools at your side, the design options for your backyard pool and spa are nearly limitless. Whether you choose a fiberglass or concrete pool and spa, you’ll have the opportunity to create a personal and unique backyard retreat, complete with custom water features and more.

Concrete Pools and Spas

When it comes to designing a concrete backyard pool and spa, the only limit is your imagination! Concrete pools have unlimited options for your backyard design. They can be shaped into classic forms, rectangular patterns, free form designs or custom layouts. Your pool or spa will be sure to reflect your personality with any pool finish, tiles, or mosaics you would like. More lavish options, such as hand laid mosaics of animals, sea creatures, or custom made designs can be created to meet your exact design preferences.

Fiberglass Pools and Spas

If you decide that a fiberglass in ground pool and spa is right for you, there are over 40 pool shape and design options available only from Trilogy, one of the leading fiberglass shell manufacturers. Fiberglass pools can shine with a basic white gel coat, or one of the six HydroStone Pool® finishes.

Additional Features for Your Backyard Pool and Spa

Other than shape and color, Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers features that will make your new backyard pool design and spa the neighborhood gem.

Water Features

Water features are extremely popular for pools and spas. Laminar jets, sheet falls, and fountains are some of the most common additions. If you want a feature that will blend into your natural landscape, Anthony & Sylvan can create hand-built rock waterfalls that will blend beautifully within your existing backyard design.

Lighting Options

By adding lighting to your custom pool design, you can illuminating your backyard pool or spa and create the perfect atmosphere. LED underwater lights are available in any color imaginable. For rotating colors, fiber-optic lighting may be a great option to brighten your backyard.

Automatic Features

Some new pool owners want the newest technological features in their pool or spa. Automatic features allow owners to control water heaters, backyard lighting, and even safety monitoring for their pool area from the comfort of their own home.

Explore Your Backyard Pool and Spa Options

Visit your local Anthony & Sylvan Pool Design Center to see all of the options for your new in ground pool. Our Design Consultants can show you new and innovative ways for your new backyard pool and spa to complement your lifestyle.

Find your nearest Pool Design Center or call 1.877.SAY.SWIM to find out more information from Anthony & Sylvan.

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