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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Design the Pool of Your Dreams

Get a first look at what Anthony & Sylvan Pools is capable of with this exclusive look at some of our most incredible pool and landscaping designs. Enjoy this short video highlighting some of our proudest accomplishments:

See What We’re Capable of

Turn your backyard into something straight out of your daydreams with the help of Anthony & Sylvan Pools’ expert design team. Custom design your pool to blend with your existing landscape or enhance it. Whether you’re working with a breathtaking coastal location like this, or simply looking to work with what you’ve got, Anthony & Sylvan can create the perfect design.

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Luxury geometric pool to match homes' architecture.

Let your pool melt into an already outstanding view, or allow it to shine on its own as your new focal piece. We can match any home’s feel and architecture — classic to ultra-modern — when we design your pool.

Pool Designs for Everyone

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Pool design perfect for kids.

With designs and decking options specifically created with kids in mind, you can create a backyard Neverland that will keep them occupied the whole summer long. Beach entry pools like this one are great for kids always on the run; they provide gradual entry and a shallow place to hang out.

Or, if you’ve envisioned an adults-only retreat complete with spas and outdoor bars, there’s nothing stopping you. Present your perfect pool concepts and we’ll make them happen.

Custom Pool & Landscaping Elements

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Anthony & Sylvan's firebowls - fire and water combination elements.

Take charge of the elements to make your backyard space entirely unique: install cascading walls of water, playful fountains, mighty stone waterfalls, or vanishing edges. Add a little fire in there with our combination features and really show off.

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Luxury design elements from Anthony & Sylvan.

Create a space to escape and really enjoy life. Spend time alone or share your bliss with friends and family, either way adding a pool to your backyard opens up endless options for fun.

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