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Decorate Your Pool with Pool Mosaics

In-ground pool building company Anthony & Sylvan Pools carries hundreds of porcelain, ceramic, and glass mosaic tile designs to bolster the appeal of your renovated or newly installed pool. Continue reading to learn more about our pool mosaic tile options.

Pool Mosaics: Glass, Porcelain, and Ceramic

There is no better way to infuse a decorative touch to your new swimming pool than with pool mosaics. Whether you choose glass, porcelain, or a ceramic pool tiles, you can effectively create an underwater kaleidoscope with a variety of colors and tones.

Ceramic Pool Mosaic Tiles

The most popular choice for pool mosaics are ceramic tiles. These options are practical, scratch resistant, and impervious to water and chemicals. You can choose from a wide array of custom patterns and colors to be applied to the surface of the ceramic tile. These mosaic tiles last a long time and require very little to no maintenance.

Porcelain Pool Mosaic Tiles

Since porcelain mosaic tiles have a high density and are frost resistant, these mosaic tiles are excellent for pool edges and patterns on the bottom of the pool. They are also created with a texture to reduce slippage.

Best of all, porcelain pool mosaic tiles will still illuminate a shimmering surface when wet or submerged.

Glass Pool Mosaic Tiles

Add an abstract luminescence to your pool with glimmering glass pool mosaic tiles. Similar to ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass tiles are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Glass is completely impervious to moisture and is a superior grade.

Glass will not stain, fade, or decay when exposed to the elements. At the same time, glass doesn’t encourage the growth of mildew and molds.

Bolster the Aesthetic Value of Your Pool

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers an eclectic mix of innovative and attractive mosaic pool tiles to help increase the aesthetic value of your refinished or new swimming pool.

Our unique mosaic pool tiles allow you to infuse a splash of color, life, and art into your pool. Some of our most popular mosaic tile displays are mermaids, turtles, dolphins, sand dollars, tropical fish, sea shells, sea crabs, octopus, sea horses, sharks, geckos, and countless other stylish pool pals.

Create Your Own Pool Art with Pool Mosaics

With the expertise of Anthony & Sylvan Pools, you are only limited by your imagination. Our seasoned design consultants will help you create a custom pattern to make your pool floor unique and fun.

Our team will walk you through the process by helping you choose the right color, size, and design. In the end, our goal is to assist you in creating your very own underwater masterpiece.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Today to Learn More About Pool Mosaics

The professionals at Anthony & Sylvan Pools have more than 75 years of experience creating custom pool mosaics. Simply put, if you can dream it or envision it, our savvy design consultants can help you create it.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools today for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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