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Customer “Places Their Bet” on Anthony Sylvan

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

Don Sabino, one of Anthony & Sylvan Pools most seasoned Design Consultants, recently received this letter of praise for the organization in the Las Vegas market.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools,

​I would like to just start off this letter by saying how overly satisfied Carlos and I are with how quickly you managed to finish building our pool. Everyone that we have spoken with can’t believe you managed to get everything finished within 30 days.

This was particularly appreciated because of the fact that we have 4 dogs that are accustom to having the run of the yard. Anthony & Sylvan pools knew this and made sure to make the process of building our pool as speedy as possible. This minimized the disruption to our dogs and our lives and I can’t thank you enough.

Carlos and I took special consideration in choosing a pool contractor because we knew this was major construction. We wanted a company that had a strong reputation for quality and would not be out of business 6 months down the road. In the end, we chose Anthony & Sylvan Pools because of the overwhelming amount of people in Las Vegas from landscapers to personal friends that all unanimously agreed that Anthony and Sylvan Pools was the best pool builder in town and have been in business for a very long time. Flash forward 3 ½ weeks later and my husband and I are swimming in our new pool. You guys have met all our expectations and more.
Don , I would especially like to thank you for always being so prompt and concerned with any needs that myself and Carlos have had throughout this process. Anytime something needed to be addressed you always got the issue immediately resolved and you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to refer Anthony & Sylvan Pools to anyone that is in the market for a pool. After my husband and I heard some of the horror stories of other pool contractors in town, I would never trust an alternative company to build my pool.

Thank you so much for making this an enjoyable experience and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank You,
Carlos and Brittany Isaac
That’s what I call a letter of recommendation….or should we call it “commendation”….Kudos to the entire Las Vegas operational team for satisfying another customer and making their pool building experience a pleasure.

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