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Create a Kid-Friendly Backyard Oasis with Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Your in-ground pool can provide a lifetime of fun in the sun for the entire family. With the know-how of Anthony & Sylvan Pools, you can truly create a backyard oasis your child will love.

We offer several kid friendly pool customizations designed to transform your pool into an exciting and safe place for children.

Kids Love Custom Water Features

We offer several custom waterfalls and jets to transform your pool into a kid’s haven. Our laminar jets are able to create a 7-foot arch into the pool for a dramatic effect. Sheer descent water curtains generate a seamless cascade of water that falls over the edges of the pool into the water. Our rock waterfalls are the perfect way to design a roaring river or a serene stream.

LED Lights and Custom Light Shows

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! With our LED lighting options, you can infuse a splash of color, highlight waterfalls, and offer a one-of-a-kind experience for all of your guests. Best of all, you can manage some LED lighting systems with a smartphone or through a handheld remote.

Create your own light show and experiences your child will remember forever with Anthony & Sylvan custom lighting.

Choose Non Slip Decking for a Safe Time

It’s important to avoid running around the pool because running increases the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls. While posting a “No Running” sign may seem like a solution, the better alternative is to choose slip-resistant paver pool decking. Our paver decking comes in fully customizable tile, paving stone, or brick pieces of concrete.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers several natural pavers as well as manufactured pavers to give your pool deck the optimum look and kid-friendly functionality.

Safety First with Pool Barricades, Gates, and Covers

Create a wall of safety with pool fencing. All pool gates should be at least four feet tall and have slats close enough so small kids can’t squeeze between them. It’s also important that the gate doesn’t have any footholds or handholds, which would make it easier for agile climbers to get through. Take safety and security one step farther with self-latching and self-closing latches.

Another great innovation for creating kid-friendly spaces are gate alarms. These devices will let you know any time the gate is opened, even if you are inside the home. You can also install an in-water pool alarm, which will let you know any time someone falls or jumps in the pool.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools for More Kid-Friendly Features

When it comes to customizing your pool, the possibilities are endless. With more than 75 years of experience, Anthony & Sylvan Pools are leaders in pool technology and customizations.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools today to begin customizing your backyard into a haven for kids.

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