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Costs to Build an Inground Pool


Building an inground pool is an investment – not only for your home, but also for you and your family’s enjoyment and wellbeing. Prices vary widely, based on size of the pool, material, design complexity, custom features and location. Basic concrete pools and quality fiberglass pools typically start between $50,000-$60,000. Concrete pools with high-end customizations can exceed $100,000. 

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Pool Price Factors

The size and shape significantly impact the price of an inground pool. Larger pools provide more space for fun and lap swimming, but also necessitate more materials, labor, and maintenance, which increases costs. Pricing is often calculated per square foot. 
The material of your new pool will determine cost, longevity, and maintenance needs. Concrete is best known for its durability and flexibility in design, allowing for a fully customized shape, depth, and size for your backyard. Fiberglass allows for quicker installation with a somewhat lower initial cost, yet they lack the personalization that concrete offers. 
Design & Custom Features
A pool’s design and features can transform a simple swimming area into a statement piece. Infinity edges that blend with the horizon, elegant tiles, and integrated spas can elevate the aesthetic appeal but also the price tag of your new pool. These customizations require expert craftsmanship and additional materials, highlighting the importance of budgeting for your new pool build as well as aesthetics. 
Labor & Excavation Insights
The construction of an inground pool is a labor of love, involving skilled professionals from excavation to applying the finishing touches. The complexity of the installation will greatly impact labor costs for your new pool project. Challenges uncovered during the excavation phase, such as rocky soil or access issues, can further impact the project’s cost and timeline.
Permits & Location
Local legal implications, including permits and regulations, can impact the cost and time to build your new pool. Where you are located impacts whether adding heating and/or cooling systems will be necessary to ensure you can enjoy your new pool year-round.
Maintenance Considerations
An inground pool requires ongoing care – from regular cleaning to balancing chemicals and managing repairs. Concrete pools, in particular, may need resurfacing over the years, adding to the lifetime cost of the pool. Planning for mandatory maintenance will ensure your pool remains a cherished part of your home for decades.

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