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Anthony and Sylvan Pools is the leading concrete inground pool builder in America. If you dreamed of the luxury of a custom, inground pool, we can help you fulfill that dream. Concrete pools are long lasting, and a great investment for your property.

We even offer financing assistance. Turn your dream into reality with our help, it’s what we do best.

Best Time of Year to Start Planning Your Pool

Use the Fall and Winter Months to Build Your New Inground Pool Summer has come to an end, and if you spent most of the summer wishing you had a swimming pool, now is the perfect time to start planning your pool for next season. In fact, the pool building experts at Anthony and Sylvan […]

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Health Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

If you’re considering building an inground pool due to all the health benefits it can offer, you may want to learn more about saltwater pool options. Building and owning a saltwater pool in your own backyard can be the perfect oasis for those with skin or eye sensitivities or individuals who just need a way […]

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Amazing Pool Designs for Every Age!

Anthony & Sylvan Pools has a variety of pool designs perfect for any age. Certain pool types are safer for different age groups and built for particular tastes. Children need pools with shallower levels and higher visibility for parents. Seniors need pools that accommodate mobility issues and have easy entrances and egresses. If you are […]

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