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How to Choose the Best Pool Filter for Your Pool

Swimming pool filters are an integral part of the pool circulation and allow pool chemicals to be properly distributed, while removing debris and foreign objects from the water.

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we build all shapes and sizes of pools, and we even build entirely custom inground pools. No one pool filter is right for every type of pool. Learn how to pick the best pool filter for your swimming pool.

What Type of Pool Filter Should I Buy?

You might have known that there are multiple types of pool filters, but do you know the different benefits each type offers?

D.E. Pool Filters

D.E. Pool Filters use diatomaceous earth to efficiently filter your pool water. This type of filter involves simply adding powder media to your filter by adding it to the skimmer during the normal filter cycle. D.E. Pool Filters are excellent for keeping your pool clean because they can filter down to the smallest particle sizes.

While your pool will be very clean, D.E. Pool Filters are so effective at trapping debris that they have to be backwashed regularly. Backwashing is an operation that purges the filter vessel of impurities in the water and makes the existing filter area more effective. Each time you backwash this filter, you’ll have to add more diatomaceous earth. This type of filter is popular in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

Pool Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters contain a cylindrical filter usually covered with a pleated fabric, and they are generally less expensive to purchase. They offer better filtration than sand filters, and pool cartridge filters can operate in concert with a pool pump generating higher pressure.

Cleaning the cartridges requires taking the filter housing apart, rinsing the filter, and then reassembling it. This must be done every few months for the best performance.

What Size Pool Filter Does my Pool Need?

When you’re figuring out what size pool filter you need to buy, you must consider the two following things:
• Your pool’s size in terms of gallons of water
• The number of gallons per minute (GPM) that your pool pump pushes out

Every pool filter has a flow rate, which should be higher than the number of GPM your pool pump produces. A pool filter that is too small will allow high pressure to build up and potentially damage the filter element and shorten its lifespan.

A larger pool filter may cost a little more, but it will also reduce the amount of time, energy and resources and energy you expend on pool maintenance.

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