May is Pool Safety Month – Celebrate with Pool Safety Games

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Celebrating Pool Safety with Games this Summer

National Water Safety Month is celebrated in May and there are many fun games that you can play to help young children learn about pool safety. Gather your friends and family to make learning fun and memorable for all.

Monkey Hands

This swimming pool game teaches your child to naturally grasp the side of the pool. Have your child to grip the side of the pool with both hands and place their feet up against the wall. Instruct them to “walk” around the pool. At first, they may only go to the steps or a ladder, but eventually they’ll go all the way around the pool.

This game helps children get more comfortable with grasping the sides of the pool instead of always swimming to the stairs or ladder.

Scavenger Hunt

Divide the children into teams, then have one team member at a time swim for items that have been thrown into the pool, and have settled at the bottom. Start with shallow water for younger children and move into the deep end for more advanced swimmers. The first team to collect all of their items wins.

This pool safety game teaches young children not to be afraid of going under water, and how to hold their breath.

Red Light, Green Light

Teaching children to listen to lifeguards or swimming instructors when they hear a whistle is a very important part of pool safety especially when swimming in crowded pools.

To play this game, have the leader stand in waist deep water at one end of the pool and the children line up at the opposite end of the pool. The leader says “green light” to allow the children to advance toward him or her. For “red light” they blow the whistle and all the kids have to stop. Anyone who moves after the leader blows the whistle is out. The child that advances the farthest wins.

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