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Pool & Spa Combinations

Create a complete backyard paradise that offers your family the ultimate in fun and relaxation by including a custom-designed spa in your inground pool design. Enjoy splashing in the pool with the family before relaxing away the stress of a busy week in the luxurious, bubbling waters of an attached spa.

The knowledgeable pool and spa professionals at Anthony & Sylvan have over 75 years of experience in the pool and spa industry and offer the latest styles, designs and options to create the perfect pool and spa combination for your space, family and lifestyle.

Check out some popular pool and spa combinations below to start brainstorming possibilities for your backyard.

Raised Spas

An attached raised spa adds height and dimension to your pool and spa design. Elevated above the pool 6 to 18 inches, it can be an attractive focal point in your overall pool design, and the center of socialization during gatherings.

A raised spa is an excellent way to add definition and show off decorative coping, mosaic tile or stone work. You can also consider surrounding the spa with stones and foliage to create a more natural and private atmosphere.

Raised spas allow the freedom to incorporate unique elements like spillways and overflow edges to your design. Spillways are sheer cascades of water falling from your spa to the main pool area, adding modern design and soothing sounds to the overall aesthetic.

Overflow edges, sometimes referred to as “infinity edges” are positioned to be lower than the water line for the spa, so water can continually flow down the sides of the spa. This perpetual flowing movement of the water appearing to spill into the pool is visually captivating, especially when paired with a beautiful, reflective tile finish.

Integrated Spas

With an integrated spa design, the spa fits inside the perimeter of the pool and is not separate from the main pool. The cool water of the pool is separated from the warm, swirling water of the spa by a shared dam wall.

The spa itself can be any shape and size you desire, as long as it fits within the perimeter of the larger surrounding pool. It can fade into the pool’s design and be visually quiet or stand out with unique decorative finishes. If you want it to stand out as a focal point, try experimenting with a contrasting liner or accented retaining wall to highlight the spa’s placement or unique shape. The possibilities are endless!

Detached Spas

For some, spreading the pool and spa out in the backyard space can better meet individual lifestyle and entertaining needs. Positioning your spa in a separate area from your pool is a good option if you want to create a larger entertaining space with multiple areas for socializing and gathering.

Separating the spa from the pool can also help you create a more tranquil, relaxing atmosphere around the spa. Moving only a few feet from the pool helps to take the spa out of the high traffic pool area and make it a private, tucked-away oasis for relaxation.

Ready to Create Your Own Custom Pool and Spa Paradise?

Find your perfect pool and spa design today! Call the top-rated pool builders and designers at Anthony & Sylvan Pools to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about the unique pool and spa combinations we can create for you.

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