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Fiberglass Pool Shapes

When selecting your fiberglass pool, one of the first decisions you’ll make is the pool shape. With Anthony & Sylvan, your Design Consultant will walk you through the different options and help you choose the one that’s right for your backyard.

Trilogy Pools

With an extensive line of premium-quality shells, Trilogy Pools offers more than 50 different fiberglass pool shapes. Together with your Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant you’re sure to find the one that will help you turn your backyard into that relaxing retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

Find out how we can help you turn your fiberglass pool dream into reality. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Design Consultant today.

Browse the new fiberglass pool options from Trilogy:

Note: All dimensions are to the outside edge. Measurements are taken from widest point on each side of the outside edge. Installed pool dimensions may vary. 

Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Atlantis  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Calypso
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Challenger  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Columbia
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Discovery  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Doppler
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Gemini  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Genesis
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Horizon  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Mariner
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Newton  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Picasso
 Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Sentari  Anthony-Sylvan-Pools-fiberglass-pool-shape-Zenith

View even more fiberglass pool shape options from Trilogy.

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