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Why are Anthony & Sylvan custom fiberglass pools so popular in so many parts of the country?

We offer more design options. Anthony & Sylvan Pools uses Trilogy’s patent-pending manufacturing process to offer more shapes and  finishes – giving you more choices.

Installations are very quick. Thanks to our unique installation process, we can have your fiberglass pool installed in as little as two to three weeks. Our Design Consultant can walk you through the options and help you choose the size and shape that’s right for your backyard as well as your aesthetic goals.

They’re durable and economical. Fiberglass pools require very little maintenance, but they last for many years and are backed by Trilogy’s Lifetime Structural Warranty. They also offer more safety and better design options than vinyl-liner pools.

Check out the wide range of fiberglass pool models that we offer. We have every shape from sleek and rectangular to flowy and natural.

Find Out if Fiberglass is Best for You.

With so many features for fiberglass pools, what’s not to love? The low maintenance and wide range of shapes makes this type of pool a big crowd pleaser. Ask our experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools any questions that you may have. We understand that a pool is an investment that lasts a lifetime, so why not get a pool with Trilogy’s Lifetime Structural Warranty?

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation: How It Works – Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Learn what to expect from the fiberglass swimming pool installation process, from beginning to end. The friendly experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools will walk you through each of the following steps:

  • Excavation – no matter the material used for your pool, it always started with the same method: digging!
  • Building the foundation for your pool – as the saying goes, you must build from the ground, up!
  • Setting and leveling the fiberglass pool – each step is just as important as the previous one. The leveling and setting of the pool allows a proper structure to be built for installation.
  • Installing the plumbing and filter system – the plumbing and filter system is critical in controlling the amount of debris and particles that are in the pool—and then filtering them out.
  • Backfilling the fiberglass pool shell – once all the above steps are good to go, the outside between the shell and the excavation will be filled with gravel while the inside of the pool will be filled with water simultaneously.
  • Coping and decking – here’s another part of the process that is completely customizable to your own taste. You can add decorative touches to the edge of the pool that are personal to you.
  • Building the pool fence – the last step before you can go swimming in your new pool is building the pool fence. This is necessary in every ground pool according to national building codes and the fence must be at least 48” in height.

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Fiberglass Pool Water Features

Find out what innovative water features are specifically built for fiberglass pools from Anthony & Sylvan. Learn about the different types of custom features offered today!

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