Pool Shapes for Inground Pools - Rectangular, Kidney, L-Shaped & More

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Pool Shapes

Pool shapes are one of the major components in the design of your yard and pool. They can make or break the look you are trying to achieve in your backyard destination. When choosing a pool shape, it is important to consider all of the following:

  • Users and lifestyle needs
  • Budget
  • Landscaping surrounding the pool area
  • Traffic flow around the pool
  • Additional accessories like flumes
  • Features like waterfalls or spas
  • Decking and pool furniture
  • Available space in your backyard

Concrete and Fiberglass Pool Shapes

Concrete or gunite pools can be shaped into traditional forms or in a customized, free form. They are typically more expensive than fiberglass but are able to fit into irregular spaces in yards.

Fiberglass pools come in predetermined sizes and shapes. While they are less flexible in their shapes, they are fast to install and low maintenance.

Common Pool Shapes

Rectangular pools are geometric and usually give a formal appeal. They are long and straight, making them ideal for swimming laps and exercising.

Roman and Grecian pools are a type of rectangular pool. They have edges and curves that resemble elements of ancient art and give the appearance of sophistication.

True-L pools are rectangles with a small extension off of one end. The break of the form can clearly distinguish shallow and deep ends, with deep ends usually making up the longer side of the “L”. They are also ideal when the pool shape needs to go around the edges of a house.

Lazy-L pools are variations of the True-L. Their shorter extension, or foot, is situated diagonally, allowing an entrance to appear natural, sloping, and aesthetically pleasing.

Oval pools are like rectangular pools without the edges. They feature soft edges and are long, usually with the same dimensions as a rectangle. They allow for various types of water equipment and accessories to be utilized since there are no harsh edges.

Kidney-shaped pools are shaped like two off-centered ovals or circles that are intertwined, featuring an indentation in the middle. Kidney-shaped pools are elegant and tend to look more natural in outside settings.

Figure eight pools are centered interlocking circles, with indentions on either side, just like the number 8. One side can be larger than the other, allowing deep ends to have more space. The indentations show clear indications of where deep water begins, so they are great for families with small children.

Free form pools are made of concrete and can take virtually any shape a pool owner would like. They blend with nature easily and appear more organic in outdoor settings. They are easy to incorporate with landscaping and homeowners can take advantage of more space when the shape is customized.

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