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Traditional Pool Design

Installing a new pool is a big step for any busy family to take. Swimming pools add a great communal aspect to any yard—for gatherings, parties, or leisure time. Homeowners can benefit from using traditional pool designs as they always look great, and can be customized to give that personal touch to your backyard retreat. Traditional designs use a simplistic approach to bring stylishness to any outdoor living space.

Traditional Pool Shapes

Common traditional pool shapes include geometric shapes, rectangular, and Roman or Gothic shapes for that classic appeal. These shapes conform to just about any space.

Another option for a timeless form is the kidney shape. Kidney shaped pools are very popular; while they are not geometrical, they provide a natural-looking shape that adheres to landscaping and will never be unfashionable. Browse our Classic Inground Pool Gallery to see examples of traditional pools built by Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Traditional Pool Landscaping

The region in which you live may determine the plants and foliage that naturally surround your pool, but there are common, traditional landscaping options that many individuals choose for certain reasons. Additionally, homeowners can develop privacy with cost-effective and beautiful plants.

These are a few tips that any homeowner can follow to have the best, traditional landscaping surrounding their pool:

  • Choose plants that can withstand extreme heat from surface reflections like agave, bamboo, and salvia.
  • Avoid plants that fruit and shed leaves a lot—Evergreens do not lose their leaves and provide terrific privacy when full grown.
  • Plants that repel insects and not people are great too. Herbs like lemongrass, lavender, and mint not only smell great to us, they keep mosquitos and other annoying bugs away.
  • Always consider the full-grown width and branch span trees and shrubs will have around your pool. One of the more common challenges for pool owners is maintaining landscaping that grows quickly and fills-in around seating areas and high-traffic pathways over time.

Functionality of Traditional Pools

Many people associate the most advanced pool technology and shapes as being modern, and therefore functional. Traditional pool designs can also be functional and modern—applying practical additions to them makes them customizable to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle.

Traditional pool functionality is seamless with the addition of lighting, your preference of decking, and other advanced technology like automatic controls. Additionally, our new backyard offerings allow homeowners to add outdoor kitchens, grills, and overhead structures to pool areas to help put the finishing touches on your total backyard environment.


Homeowners faced with the tough decisions surround pool installation may benefit from choosing a traditional pool design. For more information regarding traditional pool design, contact Anthony & Sylvan.

Our pool experts can assist you in determining which shapes and options will work best in your back yard area. Request a free in-person or virtual consultation.

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