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Modern Pool Designs

With contemporary styling, clean lines, and precisely placed accents, today’s modern inground pool designs are simultaneously minimalist and luxurious. Learn more about the hallmarks of modern pool design from the pool design experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Contemporary Inground Pool Shapes

From hard, sharp geometric shapes to freeform, undulating wonders, modern pool shape choices are limitless and varied, but all share one trait in common: they embrace the unexpected. Think dramatic depth changes such as small plunge pools, or larger pools with raised platforms in the center.

Long and thin rectangular inground pools are a very popular choice in today’s contemporary pool design, as are L-shaped pools that wrap around the side of a house or outdoor area.

However, you can also think outside of the box – literally – with a shape that goes beyond a square or rectangle. Many contemporary pools feature a highly geometric shape that can be wholly unique by playing with the placement and angle of the corners.

Cutting-Edge Design Options at Anthony & Sylvan

Once you choose your pool shape, it’s important to select finishes, coping, and decking that complement and enhance your desired contemporary design aesthetic.

For example, incorporating pool tiles into steps of your inground pool is a beautiful way to accentuate the geometric lines of your chosen shape and create a smooth and clean design.

In today’s modern pool design, it’s very popular to coordinate your decking and coping to seamlessly integrate the pool into the outdoor area and create a smooth transition from lounge space to waterline. Porcelain tiles, currently offered in limited markets, or spray pool decking are both high-style and long lasting options that make your pool look beautiful – and are easy to care for.

Completing the Modern Look with Water Features and LED Lighting

Although the modern pool design arena is characterized by minimalist sensibilities, choosing accents such as infinity edges and LED lighting and water spouts complement the design and customize it to your tastes.

Incorporating sheer descent waterfalls and laminar jets with LED lights are perfect water features for modern pools, as they integrate into the contemporary design aesthetic while adding multiple levels and visual interest into the space.

Let Us Help You Design Your Dream Contemporary Pool

If you are interested in creating a breathtakingly contemporary modern pool design for your home, fill out our online contact form to request your free in-person or virtual consultation today.

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