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Best Uses for a Small Inground Pool

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we know that no two backyards are the same, so our team works with each client to design and build pools that fit their unique backyard and vision.

You may not think your backyard is big enough for a pool, but we know different. Read on to find out how an inground pool can still fit into your lifestyle even if you don’t think it will fit into your backyard.

Less Pool Means More Yard

Maybe, your backyard is big enough to fit a standard size pool, but a standard size pool won’t leave room for anything else.

If you want to have room for a grill or a patio as well as a pool, then a small inground pool is a great option for you.

While one person cooks, another person can lay by the pool in a reclining chair, and several people can still swim or play in your pool.

A Pool Big Enough For Relaxing

If you live somewhere with hot summer days, then you’ve probably wished you owned a pool before, so you could go for a cool dip to escape the summer heat.

A small inground pool is a great choice for people who want to cool off during the summer. When it’s too hot to do anything else, you only need enough room to float along the cool surface of the pool water.

Different Pool Shapes

Modern pools come in all shapes and sizes, and homeowners have more choices than ever before.

Maybe, you want a pool to stay in shape or because you simply love swimming, and what you really want is something that will let you swim laps.

In this case, a thin long inground pool might be the best option for you. A good swim can still be as close as your backyard. Anthony & Sylvan has years of experience in designing and building custom pools.

Maybe, you have kids who love playing in the water from splashing around to diving for objects and more. A freeform pool offers a fun shape for children without taking up your entire backyard.

The Natural Look of a Small Pool

A small inground pool is also a fantastic way to add a touch of natural beauty to your backyard.

The sparkling, clear blue water is a perfect contrast to the lush green grass of your backyard, and the addition of stone coping creates an organic and nearly seamless boundary between the two.

Your boring backyard can be transformed into beautiful grounds with the simple addition of a small inground pool.

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