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Best Time of Year to Start Planning Your Pool

Use the Fall and Winter Months to Build Your New Inground Pool

Summer has come to an end, and if you spent most of the summer wishing you had a swimming pool, now is the perfect time to start planning your pool for next season. In fact, the pool building experts at Anthony and Sylvan Pools highly recommend that our customers start the planning process in the fall and winter months, especially if the goal is to have a new swimming pool by next summer.

Understanding the Steps Involved With Pool Building

Although it may be hard to think about swimming as the weather turns colder, fall and winter are the perfect months to start the inground pool planning process. People who are swimming by Memorial Day generally hire a pool builder sometime between October and November.

While many homeowners consider the time that it takes to install a swimming pool, they are often unaware of the steps involved before the installation even begins! Every project is different, but Anthony and Sylvan Pools recommends you spend at least one or two months on the design of your new pool. If you start in October, you can be digging in late fall or be on the schedule for early spring.

Here are some steps to planning your swimming pool in the fall and winter months.

Start Designing Your New Inground Pool

One of our experienced Anthony and Sylvan Design Consultants will walk you through the steps of designing the perfect inground pool, one that will blend seamlessly into your backyard.

Choose Concrete or Fiberglass

Our top-ranked pool building company is proud to offer a variety of different pool designs for concrete and fiberglass inground pools.

Decide on the Shape of Your Inground Pool

Choose from several geometric pool designs, like rectangular and circular pool designs, modern pool designs with clean lines or freeform inground pools with gentle curves and flowing lines.

Video Blog Still
Luxury geometric pool to match homes’ architecture.

$55-70K Pool
Freeform pool and spa with stone coping and accents.

Take Time to Explore Custom Inground Pool Options

We can also create a custom inground pool for your home.

Water Features, Decking, Tile and More

Along with your swimming pool design, you can choose from several different options for your pool. Not only can you pick out your pool’s finish, decking, coping, tile, and mosaics, but you can also add custom features like water jets, rock waterfalls, and fountains to make your inground swimming pool truly unique.

Custom Backyard Features to Complete Your Poolscape

While you’re designing your inground swimming pool, you’ll also want to consider adding one of our custom backyard offerings to enhance the space. Anthony and Sylvan’s backyard offerings include gazebos, pavilions, cabanas, and other overhead structures, along with full outdoor kitchens, grills, fireplaces, fire pits and more.

Get a Free Consultation to Start Planning Your Inground Swimming Pool

The fall and winter months are perfect for planning your backyard swimming pool project. Anthony and Sylvan would love to walk you through the design process, so your swimming pool can be built and ready to use by the time warmer weather rolls around. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Design Consultants by calling 1-866-617-9273 or filling out our online form.

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