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Benefits of Building a Stand-Alone Spa

Stand-alone spas are separate entities from a pool and are typically less expensive than building a sunken spa or a combination pool-spa.

Stand-alone spas are also above ground, allowing them to be considered temporary structures, which means building codes are usually more flexible and there are less of them to meet. These spas are also less complex to build, allowing for speedy installations.

Anthony & Sylvan specializes in the installation pools and spas. Our experts ensure the use of professional systems that are installed in a timely and well-made manner.

A Separate Space

Stand-alone spas are smaller than pools, allowing them to be situated closer to the house. This means homeowners can decide where they would like their spas, and rely less on topography or landscaping of their yards to dictate. Additionally, quick access means easy access throughout the year.

When installing a spa, homeowners also have the freedom to create a space that is differentiated from an existing pool or yard area. Spas can be surrounded by stone or rock, or inserted into wood decking.

Less Maintenance

The temperatures in stand-alone spas can be kept consistent, allowing them to be ready-to-use at your disposal. Their small structures also allow for fast heating, so even when spas are not in use, they can be ready in no time. These aspects keep utility costs low, saving homeowners money and energy.

Additionally, stand-alone spas require less maintenance as their filters have less water to circulate. Less water to circulate means better filtration and less cleaning and vacuuming for spa owners. Less water to treat also means less chemicals to purchase.

Year-round Use

With your stand-alone spa within walking distance from your backdoor, you can jump in any time, year-round. Family and friends will enjoy utilizing the warm water in cooler months, get-togethers will fun and entertaining, and romantic nights will have the perfect focal piece.

Stand-alone spas also offer therapeutic benefits as their warm water sooths and relaxes muscles after a hard day’s work or exercise regimen.

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