Sales Incentive Program Tees Up - Anthony & Sylvan

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Sales Incentive Program Tees Up – Anthony & Sylvan

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan
bill faccidomo golf outing IMG00407 jpg aug 11 2010The NE Region Leadership hosted members of the Sales & Operations Team in a golf outing as part of a Sales Incentive program run earlier in the spring. Having attained their sales objectives during the promotion, they braved the extreme heat and humidity and took to the links at Center Square Golf Club for an afternoon of fun and competition.

The highlight of the day was recognizing Bill Faccidomo and his accomplishments over the span of his 27 year sales career at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. Bill began selling pools for Sylvan Pools in the 1980’s in the Greenbrook, NJ area and stayed there throughout his tenure with the company, seeing numerous changes and improvements over time, which he always embraced fully.

The acquisition of Anthony Pools in 1996 presented Bill with innumerable opportunities once the two giants in the swimming pool industry came together, and he flourished at the newly- born Anthony & Sylvan. Bill’s customers loved him, as did the staff of A&S, who will miss him as he enjoys his retirement. Although Bill has departed the sales ranks, he will not be forgotten and an open invitation to next years tournament was given by President Howard Wertman.

This photo shows VP and Sales General Manager, Jerry Strauss presenting Bill with a brand new driver and A&S travel golf bag as a gift to Bill for his many years of service and dedication.

We wish Bill well in his retirement years where he and his wife, Bonnie, will traverse the country visiting children, relaxing in the Palm Desert of California, and “getting a round or two in” when the weather cooperates. Best of luck Bill!
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