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Pool Builder Technician Review

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Periodically the field personnel at Anthony & Sylvan Pools have the opportunity to assist a new Anthony & Sylvan customer that has owned a swimming pool before. This experience repeated itself again in June in the NE Region; one of literally hundreds already this year, only in this case – the customer was thoroughly impressed with the talent of our technician – Lowell Kramer. Lowell’s experience and background really make the customer feel comfortable, especially if owning a pool is something new to them.

When asked if they would like to recognize someone who’s service level made their experience remarkable, Mark R. wrote the following response on their Customer Satisfaction Survey:

As I stated before, Lowell who led our start up, was fantastic. This guy loves, no, lives his job and is the most knowledgeable pool guy I’ve ever met. I thought I knew a lot about pools having owned two before. Wow, the technology has really changed and Lowell knows it all.

I asked him what the biggest problem people have with their pool and he said one issue was with skimmer doors. I’m glad I paid attention as first a small piece of coping mortar and then a twig jammed the door open. His explanation of the problem and how to fix it stuck with me and I fixed it after first panicking that I had a leak! He’s a great asset to A&S!


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