Anthony & Sylvan Employees Attend Trilogy's Bootcamp

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

A&S Employees attend Trilogy Bootcamp

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan
Trilogy Bootcamp - Feb 2012Twelve Anthony & Sylvan employees attended the popular (and on-going) series of training modules at the Trilogy Fiberglass Plant in Fayetteville, Tennessee last week.
The Trilogy staff were marvelous hosts as the A&S team joined scores of other pool professionals from as far away as Canada touring the plant, learning the features & benefits of the product, watching the shells get built from scratch, and seeing first-hand how the design morphs into the actual product – all in the short span of 24 hours!
These sessions will prove invaluable to the participants and will assist in their localized efforts to convey the advantages of the Fiberglass product line and the ways that customers can benefit from it’s use in years to come.
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