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A&S Customer Says it All

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

We recently received this unsolicited letter from a customer in the Houston area that says it all:

“We began getting bids and opinions on putting a pool at our new home late last year.  I met with and discussed our needs/wishes and budget with five companies.  I was able to quickly discount two, too high and too flighty.  Of the three companies left I reviewed the bids, apples to apples.   I was then able to reduce the candidates down to two.  The bids were about $2,000 apart in price however I had a strong feeling, after talking to other pool owners and talking further with the sales reps, that we should go with Anthony Sylvan.  I was correct.  Upon signing the agreement, they got right at it.  We signed the contract on a Saturday, the project manager was here on Tuesday, they began construction on the following Wednesday, March 6th.  Our pool is almost complete, we have “Pool School” tomorrow and after that is the grass, landscaping and a few minor details.

I threw a curve ball a them by having an additional gutter downspout installed that required them to modify the drainage from the decking, no problem.  When the utility companies marked their pipes and wiring we discovered that the main electric line to our home was not in the easement but rather running several feet further in the yard, right through the deep end of our proposed pool, no problem, revised the pool plans on the spot and we kept going.

Our project manager, Joe, has been available by phone or text at every step of the construction.  When we were concerned about the downspout he drove over to look, discuss the options and it was handled.

Bill Steed has stayed involved in the process.  He actually seems prouder of the pool than we are sometimes.  He dropped by today to see how the pool looked with the AdvanceTech Decking, (looks great).  The fact that he has kept in contact, been involved in discussions, been our mentor and advocate speaks volumes.   This company understands follow up and customer satisfaction.

I have referred Anthony Sylvan, Bill and Joe, to everyone who has commented on our pool project.  You don’t know me, but I was the Vice President of Sales/Customer Service for a large company and I pride myself on spotting quality people and effort.  I did a good job selecting Anthony & Sylvan.

Cheryl L.  – Houston, TX
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