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Successful Teamwork in Austin, Tx

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Anthony & Sylvan surveys customers at various times in their business relationship to constantly gauge the depth and successes of the partnership. Periodically, this leads to improvements to insure the customers experience to be remarkable – but much can be said about how effective the existing processes really are as is evident in their recent survey response from a prospect in Austin. In the survey Tracy E., from Austin, wrote about her burgeoning relationship with Felecia, the Lead Manager, and Dave Rothwell, the Design Consultant as such…

Dave was on time. Guess I was expecting him to be tardy as, simple as it is, some have trouble finding our neighborhood.

He was kind, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and insightful. He offered suggestions while both hearing and listening to what we envisioned. He was forthright on sharing high costs of slides which made me confident that he wasn’t out for a big sale. He praised Joe, the one in charge of the construction.

Because I wanted this first meeting to be very basic, I did not get a detailed estimate but a general one. We will most likely have a 2nd meeting where my husband will be present, and then, I’m confident, Dave will offer a more specific estimate.

In sharing with my husband the details of our meeting, I’ve learned that 3 of his coworkers had pools constructed in the recent past. From those 3, 2 are no longer in business and the other was done by you guys.

Additionally, Felicia was prompt, polite, kind, and helpful. She is a gem as the first point of contact for a potential client! For whatever reason, your company was the first of 4 pool dealerships I contacted for home consultations, and BY FAR Anthony & Sylvan’s professionalism in knowledge and courteousness out-shined the others; 5 stars for Felicia!

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