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Annapolis Accolades

A pool designed by Anthony & Sylvan

Mike Duffy recently received accolades from a customer in Annapolis, Maryland for his handling of their information requests when investigating swimming pool contractors. They encountered the same confusion, purchase anxiety and uncertainty many prospects do when they start their search for a pool builder – but Mike, like many Anthony & Sylvan Pools Design Consultants, made the process effortless. Here’s what they wrote:

28 July 2010

Dear Sir,

We would like to take this opportunity to commend Anthony-Sylvan pools for the great job your crews did on our new pool. Prior to deciding to go with your company, we had interviewed several pool companies. By the time we talked with your representative, Mr. Mike Duffy, we had pretty much decided to go with another company. During his presentation, it became obvious that there were a lot of “holes” in the discussions we had with the other companies that had not been filled in regarding important things that we had not thought of. As the morning went on, it became obvious that Anthony-Sylvan had more experienced personnel and offered a product that provided much more value compared to the other companies. We signed with your company at the end of his presentation, and have been extremely pleased that we did. As an example, when it became obvious that there would be a possible conflict with a neighbor regarding potential temporary turf damage to his lawn during the building process, Mr. Duffy went out of his way to ensure that no damage would occur to his lawn, increasing the overall cost to build but NOT at our expense. That re-affirmed that our decision to go with a company that has been around as long as yours was the right one.

From start to finish, the pool took less than a month to build, and has been a tremendous addition to both the value of our property, but more importantly, to the happiness of our family. This is the first summer in 10 years that we can say we have spent the majority of our summer outside.

We will go out of our way to recommend Anthony-Sylvan to anyone we know that is going to have a pool built. Be sure to hold on to Mr. Duffy; we seldom change our minds on big decisions, but he was the sole reason we went with your company. We are so glad that we did.


Tom and Lynn Sullivan
Proud owners of a new Anthony-Sylvan Pool in Annapolis, MD

Mike’s extensive sales and design training and decades of experience in the Maryland area translate into comfort for our customers. His professional demeanor and approach give clarity to construction issues and keep people coming back to America’s best pool builder; Anthony & Sylvan.

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