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No Pool Building Nightmares with Anthony & Sylvan

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During the spring of every year, potential clients flock to the Internet in their search for the perfect pool builder – one that will make their dreams a reality with no aggravation or added expense. People want value. They want the best product at the best price and they don’t want any surprises.

This applies in every market that A&S services, so these requirements are not unique to our talented staff of Design Consultants; the most experienced in the industry.

A recent market survey response given to Gene McDowell in Houston said it best. Gene wrote, “I had heard all the nightmare stories from others, all I can say to them is that they chose the wrong pool company. Everything went very smooth on my pool and spa, I am very pleased with all the work and everyone I came in contact with in the Anthony & Sylvan family”. This response is common among anxious pool prospects once they are exposed to the Anthony & Sylvan team of professionals.

Gene preceded these comments in his survey response with the following impressions that formed the foundation of his advice to those seeking the perfect pool builder. “The whole team was great, starting with Kelly Woods, our Design Consultant, who called on us and provided the design after measuring the back yard. He was also very helpful to me with decision making. Amy Washburn was also great! She stayed on top of everything and kept me informed as we went along. All of the work crews were very courteous, did a great job, and cleaned up after they were done. Craig, the Project Manager for my job, was always on time, answered all my questions and also kept me informed. I could not believe that everyone returned our phone calls promptly. I had a wonderful experience and I love my pool and spa.”

Sage advise from a customer in the trenches, don’t you think? If you’re shopping and you’re anxious about making the wrong decision – consider the advice from a Houston customer and hire Anthony & Sylvan Pools. After all – it’s Where America Swims!

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