Anthony & Sylvan Pools Digs Out of Bad Weather

Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

Anthony & Sylvan Pools Digs Out of Bad Weather

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

The weather has finally broken in the Northeast Region of the country and inquiries for new swimming pool installations are on the increase. January & February’s record snowfall amounts and this past weekends horrid rain and intense windstorms are seemingly behind us now and the March weather is GLORIOUS!

The foot traffic into our Anthony & Sylvan sales locations is ever on the increase now (too), lest we forget how important sunny weather is on the A&S business model.

Texas has also been dealt a difficult weather hand this winter too – uncharacteristically difficult – with temperatures running far below normal in Houston, Dallas and Austin in 2010 and record snowfall amounts (the likes of which we’ve never seen in that state) since they’ve been keeping records.

All of this will soon vanish and the Anthony & Sylvan sales offices will be chock-full of people planning their total backyard environments. In fact – it’s already happening! As we’ve said before “at Anthony & Sylvan Pools” it’s Where America Swims!

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