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Anthony Sylvan Marks 15 Year Anniversary w/Nature2

A beautiful pool at night in the winter.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools celebrates the 15th anniversary of the partnership with Nature2 and their pool owners this year!

Sylvan Pools got serious about mineral sanitizers in 2004 with the advent of the Nature2 Cartridge system and it began its long history with our company at that time. Today, a little more than 15 years later, it remains a viable option to help a customer sanitize their swimming pool.

Anthony & Sylvan customers have come to expect cleaner, clearer water at a valued price, and the Nature2 system “fits the bill”. They know that the pool will require less chlorine and less maintenance and, overall, will improve the swimming experience. The patented system introduces trace amounts of non-toxic minerals into the pool to control algae and bacteria growth.

These advances are what customers have come to expect with an Anthony & Sylvan Pool.

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