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5 Ways to Make Your Pool More Mermaid Friendly

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Maybe mermaids exist or maybe they don’t, but there is only one way to find out. Customize your pool with unique installations for a mermaid-friendly pool. We offer many pool accessories to create a tropical haven for the perfect at-home getaway. Anthony and Sylvan can brainstorm with homeowners to find the dream pool they have always wanted.

Here are 5 ways to channel your inner mermaid (or merman) with custom pool features and accents.

Salt Water Filtration

Many pool owners prefer salt water chlorination for their pool because it is easy to maintain, cost effective, and allows homeowners to use less chlorine. “Saltwater” pools employ a regenerative process that creates chlorine naturally.

Best of all, homeowners do not have to constantly invest in sanitizing chemicals because salt water pools produce clean and sanitized swimming pool water – and an inviting ocean-like environment for mermaids!

Mermaid Mosaics


Mosaic inlays are great additions to any pool. They are durable and require very little maintenance and create a serene and personalized elegance to any backyard pool design. Anthony and Sylvan offer a collection of designer tiles that are both frost-proof and acid-resistant.

Schedule a consultation to discuss what custom handcrafted designs you would like. Enjoy turtles, dolphins, and even mermaid inlays so your finned-friends will never be lonely and have lots of fun friends to swim with.

Rocks and Boulders

Large boulders beside your pool can add depth to any backyard. They look great against many pool designs and some even have waterfall options. Boulders are also perfect for a hot day to sun bath and relax. It is the perfect addition for a mermaid to show off and sun her tail.


Chat with our team to see if we can set up your own poolside bar. A perfect spot to make and enjoy your favorite cocktail, homeowners can entertain guests with a great poolside spot to drink and eat. For all the mermaids out there, check out this recipe for one of our favorite summer cocktails, mermaid water.

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