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Affording a Pool is Easier Than You Think!

5 Ways to Make a Pool More Affordable

Pool and spa with stone accents and water features

You may have toyed with owning your own in-ground pool, but were afraid to take it a step further because of the investment costs. Before you write off the idea of owning your own backyard oasis, consider these five simple ways to make and keep a pool more affordable from the custom pool builders at Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Consider a Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools have become increasingly popular through the years, garnering attention and affection for their easy maintenance and low costs. Salt water pools may be a bit more of an investment on the front end, but they can help save you maintenance and cleaning costs in the long run. Salt water pools work by converting regular salt into chlorine through a chemical process in the pool filter system. This simple choice can eliminate hundreds of annual sanitization dollars every year in pool chemical costs. It can also reduce chlorine sensitivities for swimmers.

Keep Your Building Costs Low with Individualized Options

With Anthony & Sylvan, we provide custom pools. By offering pools that aren’t pre-fab, we allow you to really customize the shape and size of your pool to help reduce costs, while still getting a high-quality product and service.

You can help keep costs low by simplifying the design of your pool. For example, using different coping options around the perimeter of your pool can save money versus a natural stone, while still providing a beautiful and safe surrounding area. You can also shave costs with an Ansylbrite finish versus an aggregate finish which will keep the pool comfortable to walk in and very durable over the long haul.

Build Small, but Functional

Most pool designs are calculated by linear foot, so keeping your pool on the smaller end can help reduce costs, but you don’t have to sacrifice style or function. Not only will building a smaller pool help reduce the cost of materials (including concrete, tiling, coping, and decking) and length of building time, but it can also reduce the number of features needed to really make your pool stand out. A smaller pool requires less lighting overall and makes every custom feature, from a waterfall to a mosaic inlay, really serve as a highlight in your backyard space.

Talk to Our Team About Designing an Affordable Backyard Retreat

Don’t let the fear of pool costs keep you from your dream of a beautiful backyard pool. Our custom pool designers are experts at understanding your needs and your budget, and helping you create a truly incredible pool experience without breaking the bank. Plus, we offer unique financing opportunities for families of all situations through our financing partnerships.

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