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Types of Backyard Pools

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we know that your backyard pool is more than an investment. A beautiful custom pool is a personal resort, and an expression of your family’s unique personality.

Not sure whether a fiberglass or concrete pool is right for you? Read more to learn the benefits of each type of backyard pool, and don’t hesitate to call Anthony & Sylvan’s design team today. We will answer any questions and provide useful information to help you make the best choice!

Installing Your Backyard Pool: Concrete vs. Fiberglass

Let’s talk pool installation time. Our advice? Whether you choose concrete or fiberglass, go ahead and start shopping for pool toys and goggles!

Installation time will vary between a concrete backyard pool and a fiberglass backyard pool. Depending on your design preferences, it can take anywhere from five to eight weeks to complete your dream, concrete in ground pool. In this short amount of time, our skilled craftsmen will have your pool custom built from the ground up, complete with pool options such as pool lighting, waterfalls, and more.

If you want to cut back on pool installation time, a fiberglass backyard pool can be installed in as little as three weeks. These semi-custom backyard pools are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

Customizing Your Backyard Pool: Concrete vs. Fiberglass

A concrete backyard pool offers the most freedom when it comes to custom design options. Because concrete pools are hand-crafted on site, they can be as big, small, deep, or shallow as you want. You can also design a backyard pool made of concrete to be any shape, ranging from clean, geometric lines to a fluid, freeform design.

In most cases, a concrete backyard pool is more flexible when it comes to specialty design features. Vanishing edges, beach entries, and tanning ledges are all easy to incorporate in a concrete backyard pool.

If you’re going with a fiberglass pool for your backyard, there are so many options to choose from. These semi-custom designs come with stairs and seating already built in, making the design process even simpler.

Maintaining Your Backyard Pool: Concrete vs. Fiberglass

Concrete in ground pools are often finished with textured pool surfaces. This durable, long-lasting finish provides you with a low maintenance pool that won’t have to have be renovated every few years like a vinyl liner.

Like a concrete in ground pool, fiberglass pools are extremely low maintenance. A fiberglass backyard pool will have a smooth, slip resistant finish. And because all of our pools are built with easy maintenance in mind, you’ll get to spend more time relaxing, and less time cleaning your new pool.

Anthony & Sylvan is proud to offer a lifetime structural warranty on both concrete and fiberglass pools. Either way, we have you covered.

Want to Learn More About Backyard Pools?

Have more questions about concrete vs. fiberglass pools? Schedule a free design consultation with Anthony & Sylvan today.

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