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Are you a grill master who loves to grill all summer long but who is feeling uninspired by your backyard cooking space? Are you a dedicated home cook looking for ways to spend more time outside with your family? Do you want to try new and innovative ways to cook outside? If you answered yes to these questions, then your backyard may be due for an upgrade.

In business for over 75 years, Anthony and Sylvan helps customers in the Northeast, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada and other areas convert their backyard into paradise. One of the biggest requests: How can I use my backyard space to experiment with different cooking tools and ovens?

The Renovations team at Anthony & Sylvan Pools will work with you to achieve your backyard cooking nirvana. Browse our backyard offerings to see all the features you have always dreamed of including in your outdoor space, from  specialty grills to a fireplace or fire pit to a full outdoor kitchen! Read below for more information on how to turn your backyard into a cook’s paradise, or contact Anthony & Sylvan today to make your dream into a reality.

Customize Your Outdoor Space With the Best Home Cooking Options

If you want to add cooking structures to your outdoor space, Anthony & Sylvan’s Renovations team can help. We will review your current inground pool, patio and backyard, take down notes on your wish list and budget, and recommend a plan that works specifically for you.

Here are just a few of the outdoor cooking options that can help turn your backyard into a cook’s dream:

Get a Perfectly Placed Backyard Grill

One essential for outdoor cooking is a poolside grill. As you stand at the grill working on delicious burgers, tangy ribs and perfectly grilled veggies, you can watch your family lounge poolside or swim in your inground pool. The ideal poolside grill will give you a great view of your whole backyard, but won’t be situated too close to your inground pool. After all, you don’t want any errant splashes of water ruining your family’s meal!

Add a Full Outdoor Kitchen to Your Backyard Space

But if grills and brick ovens aren’t enough to satisfy the aspiring chef in your home, then you may want to talk to Anthony & Sylvan about adding a full outdoor kitchen. This option could be just what you need to bring your outdoor cooking vision to life. Cook outside with friends and family members as they enjoy the splendor of your backyard paradise. When hosting parties, you won’t have to be away from the action as everyone lounges outside; with an outdoor kitchen, you’re right in the middle of everything.

Whatever your cooking style, Anthony and Sylvan’s Renovations team can help you select the perfect special feature to make your outdoor cooking dreams come true.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Space

In addition to cooking tools and ovens, you can also add fire to your outdoor space. Roast marshmallows and make S’Mores, or just chat by the fire as the sun goes down. Relaxing by a fireplace or fire pits is the perfect way to end an evening of fun in the sun.

Complete Your Outdoor Cooking Paradise with an Outdoor Structure

Once you have decided on the perfect outdoor cooking features, Anthony & Sylvan can help you complete your outdoor cooking paradise by adding an outdoor structure. Whether you want privacy, shade or shelter to help extend the pool season, Anthony & Sylvan has the perfect option for you.

Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of outdoor structures, including:

  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • Cabanas
  • Pavilions
  • More!

Contact Anthony and Sylvan to Start Updating Your Backyard

It’s time to start creating a cook’s paradise in your very own backyard. Anthony & Sylvan can even help you finance your backyard paradise with the help of our trusted financial partners. Request a consultation or contact us today at 1-877-729-7946 to work with our Renovations team.

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