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Top Five Things Your Pool Wishes You Knew

DOYLESTOWN, PA – July 25, 2017 – With summer season well underway, swimming pools have become the hotspot in neighborhoods across the country. They are where friends and family alike gather to find relief from the blazing heat with food, music and drinks. Anthony & Sylvan Pools – a leader in the in-ground swimming pool and spa business – has five tips that you’re pool really wants you to know:

There is such a thing as too much chlorine and chemicals.

An unbalanced concentrate of chemicals in your pool can leave both you and your pool feeling sick. It’s important to make sure that the pool’s chemicals are properly balanced, especially in the heat of summer. If this is something you’re unable to do, or if there’s a situation where you can’t get the right pool water balance, contact a pool professional for help.

The water needs to be circulated.

Like lakes, a stagnant body of water is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and bugs. It is important for both you and your pool’s health that the water in the pool is circulated through filters regularly. Make sure the filters are always clean and in working order.

Pools and dogs don’t always mix.

While your furry friends may love pools as much as you do, it’s important that, like children, pets are never left unattended near a swimming pool. Make sure Fido learns to swim and has a life jacket to help him, should he accidentally fall in. (Read more pet safety tips on our blog.)

Pools hate the cold.

Before that first cold front comes sweeping in, make sure your pool is properly bundled up for winter. Pools should be professionally closed so that they can hibernate through the snow and sleet of winter and be ready to go once the temperatures rise again in the spring.

Pools like to be cleaned and brushed every week.

Just like most of the items in and around your home, pools flourish and last the longest when they are well kept. That means being cleaned and brushed weekly. Try an automatic cleaner so that your pool’s cleaning schedule doesn’t interfere with your summer fun schedule.

“Swimming pools are the centerpiece of their owners’ summer activities,” said Jordan Schaeffer, Director of Operations for Stores & Service at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “Ensuring that homeowners remember that their pool has seasonal needs will help them keep it in tip-top shape and extend the life of their backyard centerpiece.”
Anthony & Sylvan Pools hopes that with some love and care, your summertime oasis remains with you for years to come.

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